Hellooooo I'm Capy. I'm a female capybara currently living in Wales. I'm fond of pretty colours, satisfying lines, and cool trees.

I'm a doodler by nature and am constantly drawing something or other. Usually a mixture of capybaras, badgers, guinea pigs and also the cast of characters present in the Pennyverse!


Musically I like anything that slaps, including stuff from pretty much any decade, concentrated mostly on the 70s and 80s, though I'm woefully out of date when it comes to modern music. Current listening material includes Vashti Bunyan, Jack Stauber and also many, many terrible songs that no one should ever listen to.


Contact Me!

capy#7431 on discord or for emails

Jacdo on DeviantART and capycapy on and Weasyl.

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