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Hi, I'm Capy (or Caby!) and I'm an artist currently based in the UK! More specifically Wales, and yes I can speak the language~
I'm a big dumb hippie with a love for spooky, mystical things, as well as fluffy animals, especially rodents, mostly capybaras and guinea pigs! I draw a lot of atmospheric stuff and furries, mostly. My interests have never been particularly consistent over time but I can quite confidently say I like late 90s-early 2000s British comedies, 70s folk music, weird colours and Neopets.


Musically I like anything that slaps, including stuff from pretty much any decade, concentrated mostly on the 70s and 80s, though I'm woefully out of date when it comes to modern music. Current listening material includes Vashti Bunyan, Jack Stauber and also many, many terrible songs that no one should ever listen to.

Recently added Pentangle, Bridget St John and Connie Converse >:3c


Cameron and I have been dating since 20/01/19! He's a fluffy doof and I love him, see me ramble softly about him by clicking the doodle below~

badger boy

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