About Me

I am Capy. I like to draw and sometimes I do stuff that isn't drawing like rambling and thinking things.

I like many much music, including the Bee Gees, and uhh,, other things that aren't the Bee Gees. I mostly just like songs that slap. Make me listen to something and maybe I'll like it.

I really love guinea pigs a whole lot, they're my favourite animal and I love them all to pieces. They appear in my work all over the place. And obviously, I'm partial to capybaras too.


Most effective way of contacting me would be through Discord, I'm capy#7431.

Otherwise I'm on DeviantART as Jacdo, and my email is
Another email address is!


Fellow cult members with sites here on!

uwu Cammy - 'i'd fuck me'

friendo! dcb - 'now I can use my mailto: links in peace'

friendo! Carrot - 'lizard dick :blobpeek:'

(Check them out if you haven't already uwu)