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[Taken from old site. (20/12/18)]

Screaming - An African Wild Dog, outfit inspired by a crazy guy I saw in the town centre, playing electric guitar and screaming.

Aesthetic Cat - A cat with a purple aura and some cool glasses.

Alien Cat - Found some bowling alley carpet photos on Tumblr and decided to try and use them on a drawing. So I drew an alien cat thing. I quite like the cat design but I don't think the bowling alley carpet design works too good. Oh well.

Penelope in a Sunhat - Felt like drawing something cute, so I drew Penelope wearing a sunhat.

Carrot Demon - Testing out colouring and lighting effects. The character design is just made up, but the horns reminded me of carrots so she's called Carrot Demon.

Dragon - This dragon used to appear on my site! Originally on my "not_found.html" page I had a random dragon that I had found on a Geocities archive, but once I decided on the colourscheme, I changed the drawing to match. Eventually I drew my own dragon to replace it. Then I realised what a crap drawing this is and replaced it completely.

A Cat - It's a cat, it's yellow-y orange. That's it.

Golly Cat - Golly.

Dai - Thinking about old characters of mine, one of which is an elf called Dai. Here he is! This was the first time I'd drawn him in a good four years or so. My main memory of him is that he was my favourite OC, but I could never draw him properly. Who knew all he needed was sideburns?

Off 2 School - Mariteaux ready to go to school.

Purple Cat - Some lighting/colouring practice from a while back now. I think it came out looking pretty cool. Very messy though.

Dark Penny - DarkPenny. Who knows why?

Sebx4 - Recently discovered that nine-banded armadillos always give birth to four identical young. So Sebastian (of Districts fame) is one of four. Penelope is confused.

Snowball Fight - Daf and Wyn playing in the snow.

Something Happened in the Server Room - Something happened in the server room, and it involves a whole lot of ketchup.

Some Dude - Some furry dude.

Summer - A redraw (kinda) of an older drawing. The old drawing is the one in the top left corner. It was drawn September 2014. It's an alright improvement.

Vampire Woman - When The Vampire Club was new, I went about designing my page. I drew this and one other picture for it, which is being used as a desktop background on my main PC. Sadly they've stopped replying to my e-mails, so this will live here for now.

Capy - It me.

Aliens!!! - Aliens!!! Drawn with a mousepad, which is painful.