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You might've noticed a reoccuring face across this site, besides Capy. That little fellow is a guinea pig called Sweet Po! Sweet Po has several friends, some of whom only appear during special events, and others simply have more specific interests and can be found in their own little hidey holes dotted around the site. This page is to tell you more about them all!

Sweet Po

Sweet Po (short for Sweet Potato) is the main mascot for the site. He's been in and out of the limelight and is currently taking his rightful place on my site once more. He's a ginger shorthair, thus the name!. Sweet Po served as the face of my original site from the very beginning, through many iterations and continues to do so to this day. He is inquisitive and enthusiastic, ready to learn more at any opportunity.


Marshmallow was the second guinea pig character to be created for the original site. He's a pure white rex who arrived on Easter. While he's appeared once or twice out of season, he's still the Easter piggo at heart. He's also canonly Sweet Po's cousin! His personality is bubbly and forever positive, even if he is a bit of a clutz.

Candy Corn

Candy Corn is a mysterious guinea pig, arriving 10 days before Halloween and disappearing by November 1st. While he wears a cape and a rather fetching Jack'O'Lantern on his head, you can see that he has black fur and rather innocent looking eyes. With his strange behaviour and serious dedication to the spookiest month of the year, you can't help but wonder if he's really a guinea pig at all...

Torrone Morbido

Torrone Morbido has yet to appear on the site, but he's most definitely there, working behind the scenes... He's a black and white Sheba Mini Yak (real breed name!) with a great passion for cryptids, aliens and other mysterious happenings. He's a little shakey and nervous but he knows what he's talking about. ..Probably.