party frog

A blog, I guess. I don't know what I'll talk about here or how long the entries will be. Or even if I'll ever get more than one done. I'll try to but I wouldn't want to jinx it by saying I definitely will. The entries are just sat on this page right now, but if it gets too long I'll have them as separate pages.

06/04/19 - 1:24pm - Titles are hard :<

Hello all~ You might notice a sliiight change to this page. I felt like doing something different with it that was, I dunno, slightly more inviting for a blog. The main style for this site is a bit cramped for so much writing. I think this works much better, almost feels like the opposite of my main style. Oh, and the little pixels are from a classic, chunky mac. I don't know anything past that, ask Cammy uwu. I just took them, scaled them down to the right size and made them transparent. They're great, I wish modern computers had that kind of thing. Crunchy!

Secondly, it's the Easter holidays which means I have 3 entire weeks off. I'll hopefully get something done in that time. Hell, maybe even something site related. The badger gallery is finished, check that out if you haven't already. But I still need to work on the Pennyverse gallery. Some more issues have shown themselves on that, so it may take a while, but it is still being worked on, promise! Oh, and I also need to redo the old digital gallery. Rename it because all my work posted so far is digital so it doesn't make much sense. It's also rather ugly and difficult to navigate. So I'll add that to the list of things to do.

No huge plans for the site, at the moment. Little fixes are needed, little aesthetic changes. I'm trying to dot more graphics about the place, as well as find a home for all my guinea pig doodles from the old site.

Mostly concentrating on my real life, at the moment. I've decided I'm not going to university after all. £9000+ a year to draw pictures, no thanks. And I know there's more to it than that but I'd rather get my life started before I worry about a career. And university isn't a necessity for me, I'm not going to become a lawyer or a doctor. I'll figure it out.

Other than that, not much going on atm. I'd say that somnolescent is very, very near full speed again. Cammy is streaming again, which is always fun to watch. We got 9 watchers on the latest stream! Don't even know who all of them were. I wonder if we had any 'old friends'... :3c The next stream is today, and I've been told there'll be a co-host? I wonder how that's going to be. I look forward!

Anyway, that's it for now. Hope you like the new page design!

18/02/19 - 9:21pm - owo?

Wew! Busy couple of weeks. Online and in real life. Somnolescent has been shifting, we've hit some rough patches but it feels like we're cheering up now. Conversation is going back to normal, we're creating, we're joking about, it's good. Feels at least a little stable.

There's a lot of stuff I want to get done for this site, and I'll be honest, I keep putting it off. Because I'm lazy. uwu

First off, my art. I want to expand the art gallery significantly. Different galleries for different things. Obviously one issue I've been having with it is that I have quite a strict colour scheme going on. A lot of my art doesn't fit that scheme. But I'd still like to have thumbnails so you can have a better idea of what the drawing is before you click it. So, I decided a while back that I'd use a different style for the gallery. This idea grew into having multiple galleries. Mainly a Pennyverse gallery but maybe also a badger one (I draw a lot of badgers uwuwuwuwu). Each one would be styled differently. Sort of have the Pennyverse one finished, but I need to add more art to it and honestly I'm still not quite happy with it.

I need to do some fiddling around with html and css to see what I can do with it. We'll see what we end up with. Just know that I am working on it and you will see more art (a lot more) in the coming weeks/months. Hopefully weeks. :blobweary:

Secondly! I've been looking at old archives of my neocities site, and while I do like my current layout, I might be at least editing it. Because I miss the guinea pigs. I had a lot of guinea pig doodles on my old site and I'd like to bring that back. Maybe I'll just place the old graphics (and some new ones..) on pages, but maybe there'll be more editing to be done than that. We'll see.

Thirdly, I'm just thinking about content in general. I feel like the site is lacking. Hopefully once the art galleries are done, there'll be more to look at, but I'd like to do more than that. I'm not sure yet. I need to add more lyrics, I quite like doing those. Also, something something Capy Comics.

You know a site is quality when the most full section is the junkpile.

As for real life, slowly getting back to grips with college after just not showing up for a couple weeks. It's art college, no one cares. Just catching up on work. I'll get there in the end. And then I'll have a year off to get more important stuff done, like figuring out how on earth you get a job.

If all goes to plan, I'm off to university in 2020. I'd like to earn some money before that.

29/01/19 - 7:24pm - Busy

It has been a busy couple days. And it's made me feel very, very tired. Such a mix of emotions. I can't describe it in any other way, just busy.

Sorry for the lack of updates on this site, I have ideas, I have stuff to post, and it will happen soon. I swear. I'm just taking things slow right now.

There's things to look forward to in the future. Apricot Bay awaits us.

29/12/18 - 12:30am - Birthday

My parents did tell me what time I was born but I can't remember it. I do remember that it was in the evening, so even though I'm typing this at 12:30am on the 29th, I don't count as 19 yet so boo-diddly.

It's very weird thinking about being 19. A lot happened to me during my 18th year of life. I didn't really change my personality so much as I just got more comfortable. But I feel different now compared to me 6 months ago. Quite a lot different. In a good way.

In a way, I guess 19 feels weird because I didn't really expect to make it this far. My ideas for the future sort of cut off at 18. I have ideas of what I want to be when I'm older, 30+, but I never thought of 19. I have my plans that the teenage me made for myself that cut off at 18, and then the more vague ideas younger me had. I want to live in a cottage, I want to have lots of guinea pigs, I want to own a gun. Just fun stuff that 10 year old me wanted. And I still do want, to be fair.

But the coherent plans just end before now. I don't know where I want to go after college, I don't know what job I specifically want. I don't know if I want to go to university, and if I do, what university to go to.

During this 19th year of mine, I'm going to have to figure that kind of shit out. And that's fine. I can do that. It's just daunting.

It's not just school and work I'm concerned with. On a more personal level I want to concentrate on my art. I want to improve my anatomy and natural posing. I want to learn how to draw vehicles, buildings, guns, computers, etc. I want to work on my backgrounds and how to integrate my characters into those backgrounds. And once again, I can do that. I can learn to draw anything if I put the work in.

There's more personal shit about looking after myself that I want to concentrate on too, but I'm not going to get into that here, it's private. Just know what I came out of high school a complete mess and now I'm picking up the pieces.

I know what I want to do with my life, I want to be an artist, I want to be a mother, I want to be happy. I just need to figure out how to get there.

And this is just another year I have to work on that. This time next year I'll be thinking about turning 20, and I hope I'll be in a better place then.