Most people have hobbies. I have them too, I like to draw, I like to make webpages. I also like to find terrible monkees fanfiction on geocities archives and the wayback machine, and host them here.
My good man mari is paying for hosting so firstly I want to apologise to him. Sorry your money is going towards terrible monkees fanfiction archival. Secondly I want to apologise to anyone who reads any of this, not just because it's terrible but also because I left the original styling intact, meaning that there's a lot of very garish colour choices that will genuinely hurt your eyes if you look at them too long.
Anyway, on with the show, as they say.

- Never Enough

- Monkees Fanfic part 1
- Monkees Fanfic part 2
- Monkees Fanfic part 3
- Monkees Fanfic part 4

I'll add more when I find good bad fanfiction, preferably stuff with badly made graphics.

Also, if someone who wrote one of these fanfictions somehow found this page, I'm sorry. How are your 40s going so far? Isn't the passage of time kinda spooky?

Oh?? You want me to take your stuff down??? Clicky here, biche.

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