is me

Hello and welcome to, my little burrow dug deep below the surface of the terrible hellscape we now call the internet. This is a general purpose site for me to post all kinds of nonsense, mostly art but also maybe the occasional piece of writing or an archive of a terrible monkees fansite from the 90s. Fun stuff like that.

There's a number of other things on offer down here, click one of the items below to see for yourself!

The Cavy Castle! Where all of my ramblings and such about cavies and their close relatives go. It's forver changing and growing, and I have big things planned >:3c
about me
All about me! My sonas.. My hobbies.. My life in general... Anything a stalker may want, except for an address uwu
my art
My art gallery! Updated monthly(ish) with content not seen elsewhere online! Not DeviantART, not, how very exclusive uwu
junk yard
Random bits and pieces that don't really fit anywhere else... Highlights include a dream journal where I have weird anxiety dreams and also a modest collection of Monkees fanfiction collected from Geocities archives.
wanna leave?
Oh... You want to leave? I guess that's fine.. At least let me suggest some places to head next, if I may...