Old Site Updates

This is for no one else's use except my own, really. I doubt anyone else cares about this nonsense, but I'd like to archive old updates from my homepage. Memories~

Listed from latest to oldest.

22/10/19 - Clicky clicky linky linky spooky spooky...

17/09/19 - I finally got my gotdamn art gallery update out for last month... Gonna try my bestest to get this month's one out at a reasonable time.. Gah. Other than that, I'm working on a page about different guinea pig breeds for the Cavy Castle! Gonna try and fill this site out a little more.

02/09/19 - Golly, a new site from mon and a big update from borb! Now I gotta think of something... Well, art gallery update should be up soon, so there's that! And I dunno, might be writing more~

27/08/19 - I keep gotdamn forgetting to update this site... So! This month has been busy. I've done a couple things, most notably created refsheets for all Pennyverse characters! Cameron and I also finished off all of the more detailed bios on Toyhou.se. This can all be found here. I also went about creating a DeviantART group. A little warning, it's ran by Diesel~ (UPDATE) mon's site is here. And it's stylish!

28/06/19 - Total site overhaul! Was getting rather tired of what I had going on before, so I up-ended everything and started over, apart from one or two pages. But golly, I even redid the Monkees archive. Have a look around, see what you can find! Hope you like it uwu