Possible Escape Routes

Oh? You want to leave my home? Well, I guess that's fine.. May I recommend some places for you to head next? I promise I have good taste! :3c

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Fellow Somnolians

look at em

If you haven't already, please check out my friends and fellow Somnolians down below!

mariteaux - 'that's true, i eat anime fans on the regular'
At like 12pm my time he wakes up and sends me a "h-hewwo??" in my DMs. Pretty much every single day. This is why I must marry him.

dcb - 'so you put the seconds in the microwave, but where do the nachos go'
He joined the cult specifically for the free buffet, I've been told.

carrot - 'borb is armed and dangerous'
any borb born after 1993 can't cook... all she know is mcdonald's, charge her phone, twerk, be bisexual, eat hot chip & lie

mon - 'vore is for the cool kids'
A fellow guinea pig fan, therefore, a man of good taste.

Other Options

You better have checked the Somnolians out first, that's all I'm saying uwu
I use this site a lot. I especially used it a lot while working on this site. Make gifs from images, make gifs from videos, optimise gifs, resize gifs, crop gifs, give em pretty filters.. Apparently they also recently added the ability to make spritesheets out of gifs and vice versa! Is useful.
Pokemon Fusion
Fuse any two pokeymen, from every generation except gen 7 because they need money. Also evolve some of them for new and interesting monstrosities. Page took a little bit of time to load but it was worth it to see flarefeon, the pumpkin-esque pokeyman. You can also look at your creation's mangled pokedex entry and dress it up.
The Topiary Cat
This mad lad photoshops his pet cats into ornamental bushes. Has a strong liking of Russian Blues. The whole thing has a sort of mischievous fae vibe to it, they're described as if they're magical creatures rather than mere cat or bush. Links to their Facebook page too, if you're into that for some reason.
Goodies Rule OK
Fansite of sorts for the 70s comedy programme The Goodies. It's garish, outdated, hideous, slightly broken, and I kinda love it. Spent too much time on it in high school. Other people had friends, I had.. this. I guess. Anyway, also good for you if you like having your eyeballs burned by neon yellow.
Rod, Jane and Freddy's Songs
This website is terrible. And that's why I like it. Download all of the songs performed by this group as mp3 files. They made the music for the children's television programme, Rainbow, in the 70s and 80s. They also did some other stuff, I guess. All I know about the group is that Jane was married to Rod, and then cheated on him with Freddy. This entertains me.

To be continued? When I find more terrible (or useful uwu) things to link.