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Other places on the web to find my work and contact me!

IRC We've been trying to use IRC more recently, so if I'm offline on Discord and it's the day where I am, chances are I'm here! Not giving out the address right now as we're trying to keep things quiet.
Discord Pretty much online the whole time I'm awake, will likely get a response within a day if not within minutes. Known to lurk in servers :pensive:
EMail For if you're old school~ I'm not great at remembering to check my email, so no hard feelings if it takes me a while to reply.
DeviantART Decently active over here, good place to find high res versions of my nicer drawings. Checked daily, and I'm pretty favourite-happy.
Twitter Not exactly my favourite social media but a lot of the artists I followed on tumblr moved over there, so here I am too! Good place to see sketches, w.i.p's and stuff I deemed not good enough for DeviantART. We can be mutuals if you want >w>
Newgrounds I'm attempting to use this site more, seeing that I made an account at some point, as a sort of emergency replacement to DeviantART if that goes to pot. It's comfy so far!
Toyhouse Where I keep my characters, their bios and all of their art. Not always up to date, but a pretty good collection of stuff nonetheless.